Values & Sustainability


We place a great importance on relationships. Whether it's with our customers, our workers or the environment, we endeavor to treat others as we would like to be treated, with respect and integrity.

We believe quality is a virtue. We take great pride in the quality of apricots we offer, and we can't imagine selling anything that we wouldn't want to eat ourselves.

  • CandyCots ready to ship!
  • CandyCot Apricots!
  • CandyCot Apricots in stores!
  • Everyone helps out on the farm.
  • Apricots are picked only at the peak of sweetness.


CandyCots™ are always grown in a wholesome manner and farmed with methods and materials that protect the environment, your health and in harmony with nature.

  • We use low volume drip irrigation in order to minimize water use.
  • We preserve surrounding riparian habitat in order to protect wildlife.
  • We use a sustainable plan to build healthy soil and fight pests.
  • New Orchard
  • CandyCot Apricots!
  • Wildlife - Wild Turkies
  • Healthy Soil
  • Drip Irrigation


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